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New Birth Missionary Church members are suing  Bishop Eddie Long for bad money management.

Ten church members lost more than a million dollars after investing in a company Bishop Eddie Long endorsed back in October 2009. A lawsuit was filed Wednesday in DeKalb County state court.

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According to court documents and our previous posts, a three-day investment seminar was held at Long’s church in 2009, and church members were encouraged to invest in a company named City Capital Corporation. The company’s then-CEO, Ephren Taylor, attended and was heralded by Long.

Do you remember Bishop Long arrogantly stating to his congregation:

“I am responsible for everyone I bring before you and what they say,” Long said at the seminar, according to the lawsuit. “The gentleman that I am going to bring before you is an ordained minster. That gives me great pride to bring him for you.”

Our friends over At “Toast To Wealth” have raised the flag on this. Could it be true on this quote?

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Let’s not forget the video Bishop Long released to the public as if to show Mr. Ephren Taylor whose boss and redirect the blame off himself. Visit our friends a Toat To Wealth to see Eddie Long beg for money

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