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LANARKSHIRE, UK (ANS) — The vicar of nurse Magdaline Makola — who spent ten days tied up and locked in the boot (trunk) of a car — tells London’s Premier Radio she has forgiven her attacker.

Thirty-five-year-old Justice Ngema has been sentenced to at least eight years in prison after he used Ms Makola’s bank cards to fund a Christmas shopping spree while she lay shivering in sub-zero temperatures last December, according to the radio station’s website.

Makola was eventually found dehydrated and suffering from hypothermia in Lanarkshire on Boxing Day (December 26) last year. Revd Jim McNaughton from Livingston Baptist Church said Magdaline has been a pillar of strength throughout the ordeal.

He told Premier Radio: “Magdaline herself has always been one that was quick to say that she forgives. It’s one thing to say it and another to live it, but I believe she has been given the strength through her faith to respect that forgiveness that she needs to give as a Christian.

“Her desire is not for one of justice in that sense but one of love for that person as well.”

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