Are Christian Films Saving Hollywood?


The recent success of Christian films like “Seven Days in Utopia” andMachine Gun Preacher” has movie industry insiders asking the question, “Are Evangelicals Saving Hollywood?” Or better yet, what does the mainstream acceptance of recent Christian films say about the faith-based movie business?

In the last few years we have had huge successes in The Grace Card, Fire Proof and Courageous. All of these movies made double their budget. Does some of it have to do with the fact that the budget are low.  The redal truth is that people  will see quality. They will go and view good films.

Morse writes, “The new kind of Christian film is partly about a growing sophistication among Christians carving out film careers after half a century of the Church rejecting everything Hollywood stands for.” Erik Lokkesmoe, co-founder of Different Drummer, a film-marketing company that mobilizes fans and audiences told the National Review Online that it’s a shift within the Americanization of Christianity.

“This audience is looking for honesty and storytelling, and they’re looking for characters they can identify with,” he notes.

“They’re looking for films that end with no nicely wrapped-up solutions; they want ambiguity – the type of films they can have a conversation about with their friends,” he said in National Review Online.

What do you think? Have you noticed  the  change in films?