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The Grammy Award-nominated R&B/soul singer-songwriter, Musiq Soulchildi s well-known for blending together R&B, soul, funk, blues, jazz, hip-hop and gospel to form his own unique style.He has never shied away from a good cause from the heart. This year he is 2011 Breast Cancer Ambassador. He will bring awareness to the cause  that is close to him.

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He has received awards from Billboard, BET, the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, BMI, and Soul Train. Musiq has also been nominated for awards by MTV, The American Music Awards, the NAACP, and has had 11 Grammy nominations.

Musiq is a deep thinker. Musiq quotes it as, “Musiq Soulchild is technically two ideas. ‘Musiq’ is the front man and ‘Soulchild’ is the idea behind it. It’s basically me as an artist in this generation, representing the traditions and the legacies of the past soul stars.”

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Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he is also known for having a deep respect for the legacy and traditions of past artists, which not only inspired his name…but also his thoughtful appreciation of life.

BlackDoctor.org recently had the privilege of talking with Musiq on the heels of his most recent album release, Musiqinthemajiq, about how he became a breast cancer ambassador and his unique challenges to staying healthy.

BDO: Happy belated birthday! What are you most thankful for at this stage of your life?

MS: Thank you, I appreciate that. I’m happy to be alive. To be able to do things I enjoy, to be able to learn, even from my mistakes, and to enhance my perspective on life. Just being alive is such a gift.

BDO: Did you have cake? What is your favorite not-so-healthy, guilty pleasure food?

BDO: What kind of soda?

MS: A Coke.

BDO: So then, what about your favorite healthy food?

MS: Well, first, I have to say that even though I don’t drink enough of it, water is a precious thing. As far as my favorite healthy foods, I’d say anything that I can use to make a salad out of: lettuce, spinach, olive oil, even things you don’t necessarily associate with salads, like cabbage or corn. I like adding a protein, maybe some salmon or baked chicken or shrimp or scallops.

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