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Gospel singer Vashawn Mitchell, took the song “Nobody Greater”  and used all of these resources with his new album Triumphant to reach people  He now uses the gift that God gave him to share the good news of hope with the world.

Donald Lawrence Brings Your Righteous Mind To Life

With over 120,000 units sold of the original release of his EMI Gospel debut project Triumphant, VaShawn Mitchell is ready to give his fans a deluxe edition experience.  TRIUMPHANT The Deluxe Edition” is the CD + DVD collection that his fans are sure to love.

Donald Lawrence Brings Your Righteous Mind To Life

WATCH  The exclusive video interview here  at www.elev8.com.

The Deluxe Edition is a true experience, complete with live performance footage, a one-on-one interview with VaShawn, the “Nobody Greater” concept video, one of Mitchells most requested classics, “My Worship is for Real”, and a new song “My Source.”  VaShawn is not slowing down and continues to be at the top of his game.

Watch and experience hope below: