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Six random women out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, that the world knew nothing about are now stepping out from behind the shadows of fear and exposing their lives in a real way. The producers of the show say these women are not Basketball Wives, Housewives, or, Mob Wives. These are real everyday women coming from behind the shadow of what has them bound, and it is unscripted.

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With three producers networking together under Five Star Studios of Texas and starting a little over ten months ago; The Shadow Wives: Esther Womack, Tenesha Davis, Yolanda Battles, Galatha Williams, Preeya Brookins, and new addition Sparkle Williams, have produced and aired six mini episodes on You Tube, which has over 8000 views. They have over 600 fans on their Facebook fan page, and many followers on Twitter. They have made radio appearances on Dallas’ greatest internet based radio show, SMAC, as well as local TV appearances with Freshwind TV, based out of Dallas. They have also made guest appearances within the community and donated contributions to organizations such as the UNCF. These women are on the move and are definitely coming from behind the shadow!

You might be asking yourself, are they married? No, they are not relationship wise, however; they are married to their lives. They are single moms, who just want more for themselves and their children. They wear many hats and they have big dreams such as; becoming a make-up artist, a fashionista if you may say, a model, and some just want to come off their 9-5 job, also a widower, who wants to live again, yes these are real women with real issues and real struggles. They are bound by the fear that keeps them in the shadow of stepping out. This vision allows them to elevate, it opens the doors to their dreams and closes the door to fear. In the process, they are coming to your homes, via internet sharing their lives in hopes of relating to someone just like them, who now wants to come from behind the shadow. They will make you laugh, they will make you cry, and they will touch your heart and make you think about your own life, they will reach you right where you are. There’s something in each of these ladies, that one can relate to and if not, then you know someone just like them that can relate. These women are touching lives and they are also making a difference within their own.

Who are these Shadow Wives? These women are coming out of the “shadow” and they are unstoppable! Be on the lookout, for the Shadow Wives.

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