As the Michael Jackson trial continues, discussion of life saving techniques were discussed.

Another doctor testified Monday that the decision to place an aortic balloon pump in Jackson’s heart was “a desperate attempt, even though very much futile” effort intended “to prepare Dr. Murray mentally to accept the fact that Mr. Jackson could not be rescued and would allow Mr. Jackson to depart in peace and dignity.”

Dr. Thao Nguyen said Murray asked that “we not to give up easily and try to save Mr. Michael Jackson’s life,” Nguyen said, even though it seemed hopeless.

They placed a balloon pump in Jackson’s aorta in an unsuccessful effort to restart his heart, she said. “It’s not a case of too little, too late, but a case of too late,” Nguyen said

As the trial of Dr Conrad Murray resumed this week, Dr Richelle Cooper told jurors that Dr Murray never mentioned that he had given Michael Jackson propofol.

She went on to say that she never asked Dr Murray to sign a death certificate because Jackson, once inside Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, became her patient. She stated that despite giving paramedics permission to pronounce Jackson dead, Dr Murray wanted resuscitation efforts to continue.

Dr Thao Nguyen, the hospital cardiologist who was on call the day Jackson died, said that she had asked Dr Murray whether Jackson had any drugs in his system. Murray said that Jackson had been given lorazepam, but did not mention any other drugs.

Dr Nguyen said:

I asked whether there were other narcotics or sedatives besides adovan [lorazepam] that was given. Nothing else. In that idea, like no other drugs.”

‘According to TMZ,  Michael Jackson’s children  are declining to watch any of the trial. It is too painful.

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