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The second day of Michael Jackson murder trial dived into the drug addiction and sleep deprivation.

According to testimony today in on day 2 of Manslaughter case:

  • Michael Jackson slurred his speech after visits to Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, trips that became “very regular” for the pop star in the weeks before his death, Jackson’s personal assistant testified Wednesday.
  • Defense lawyers for Dr. Conrad Murray, who is on trial for involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death, say that  Dr. Klein addicted the singer to Demerol during those visits, something Murray did not know about.

  • Michael’s  withdrawal from  Demerol addiction was what kept Jackson awake despite Murray’s efforts to put him to sleep with sedatives the morning he died, the defense contends, arguing that Klein is at least partly responsible for Jackson’s death because of the Demerol.
  • Michael Amir Williams, who worked for Jackson the last two years of his life, was asked by defense lawyer Ed Chernoff whether he went to Klein’s office with Jackson.
  • “At a certain point, it was very regular,” Williams said. Chernoff then asked Williams whether he’d ever heard Jackson talk slowly with slurred speech, as he did on an audio recording played in court Tuesday. “Not that extreme, but I have heard him talk slow before,” Williams said. “And when he left Dr. Klein’s office, have you observed him sometimes to talk slow?” Chernoff asked. Williams replied, “he would talk slow like that. I never heard it that extreme, but I can definitely say he has come out, and he’s a little slower.”
  • Jackson security guard Faheem Muhammad, who often drove Jackson, followed Williams on the witness stand Wednesday afternoon. “There were times he would go almost every day” to Klein’s office, and Jackson often appear intoxicated when he left, Muhammad testified. Jackson once told Muhammad that his frequent trips to the dermatologist were for treatment for a skin disease. “My doctors tell me that I have to go, so I go,” Muhammad said Jackson told him.
  • At the start of court proceedings Wednesday, Paul Gongaware, an executive with the company promoting Jackson’s comeback concerts, said he noticed that Jackson had “a little bit of a slower speech pattern, just a slight slur in the speech” after a visit with Klein.
  • Medical records show that Klein gave Jackson numerous shots of Demerol in the weeks before his death, Chernoff told jurors Tuesday.
  • Dr. Murray repeatedly told  said that Jackson was in excellent health and when she asked for Jackson’s medical records, she said, Murray told her they would be thin because of Jackson’s good health
  • Michael Jackson’s children cried as they watched Dr. Conrad Murray attempt to revive the king of pop’s lifeless body in the bedroom of Jackson’s rented mansion, the head of Jackson’s security team testified

Jackson’s inability to sleep the morning he died was “one of the insidious effects” of Demerol addiction withdrawal, Chernoff said. Since Murray did not know about the Demerol, he could not understand why Jackson was unable to fall asleep that morning, Chernoff said.

Fast facts about Demerol: Demerol (meperidine) is a narcotic pain reliever. It is similar to morphine. Demerol is used to treat moderate-to-severe pain. Demerol may be habit-forming The side effects: shallow breathing, slow heartbeat; seizure (convulsions); cold, clammy skin; confusion; severe weakness or dizziness; or feeling light-headed, fainting.

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