Prosecutors say Tracy Burleson hired his son, William Fuller, to pull the trigger and in the middle of all of this, jurors will hear about a woman who was dating both father and son. Fuller is accused of shooting his stepmother execution-style in the back of the head in May of last year. He testified his father promised him life insurance money and a place to live in exchange for killing her.

Here is just some of what has been going on in the court:

Court Testimony (excerpt)

Prosecutor: “Would you call it a happy home?”

Fuller: “No. “

Prosecutor: “How would you describe it?”

Fuller: “Hell.”

Prosecutor: “Was there abuse?”

Fuller: “Yes.”

Prsoecutor: “Physical?”

Fuller: “Yes.”

Prosecutor: “Verbal?”

Fuller: “Yes.”

Prosecutor: “How long was it like that?”

Fuller: “Up until Pauletta was killed.”

Prosecutor: “Is it fair to say you didn’t like Pauletta?”

Fuller: “I still hate her.”

So the good “pastor” and his son were sharing a mistress? Allegedly Tyonne Palmer  and the “pastor” was caught in church having sex with a choir member? The wife still stayed? The  pastor has denied that, of course. But the accusations persisted. Also, church members report that he was a womanizer. My guess is that he was using the church as a way to pick up women. Fuller said his father confided in him that he had multiple affairs until finally proposing to one of Fuller’s friends, Tyonne Palmer, in 2009. She agreed to marry the married pastor.

Here is what has come out in court so far:

Fuller had moved in with Palmer and said he was close to her three children and loved her platonically.

When his father began dating Palmer, Fuller said, he was not jealous, despite having her name tattooed on his neck.

The pastor’s son said he had sex with Palmer two days after the shooting, but was not in love with her.

In the weeks between the shooting and their eventual arrest, Palmer was dating father and son, investigators said.

A week before his wife was murdered execution style, their church mysteriously burned down.  Hmmm……my guess, it was burned down for insurance money, just as the wife was killed for her insurance money. It just boggles the mind.

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