Prince Michael Jackson, 14, arrived in Berlin, Germany for an appearance at United Charity to auction off hand-written manuscripts of three of his father’s biggest hits: “Bad,” “Smooth Criminal,” and “Billie Jean.” He was able to do this mere days before the trial of the century begins.

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With the whole world fixated on the beginning of Michael Jackson’s doctor’s trial today (Sep. 27), Prince Michael is making his own headlines with charity work.

Wearing an exact replica of his father’s wardrobe from the 1989 American Music Awards, Prince Michael ultimately came to support disadvantaged kids the same way his father did saying, “With everything I do, I try to build on what my father did. I also try to help and change things – just like he did.”

Bidding for the United Charity auction for those items will end on Nov. 10, and already the copy of “Bad” was up to $20,400.

Prince Michael left the festivities early because he had school work to catch up on, but the upcoming months may prove to be more taxing for the young student.

Starting today Michael Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray, 58, will be going on trial for the death of the late pop star on June 25 2009.

Michael Jackson spent a good deal of his free time, name and money working on charities.  It is a great thing to know that his legacy will continue in a positive forum.

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Here are the  charities Michael supported: