For most of us, it is no secret that we need to move more to be healthy. Getting more exercise helps us physically, lowering our blood pressure, increasing our heart health, and helping us to manage weight.

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The good news is that there are many ways to get moving without buying a gym membership.

Try These:

  • Use a pedometer. A pedometer is a device that measures how far you walk, and will help you to keep track of how many steps you are taking each day. Once you know how many steps you take each day, you can try to “add steps” by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, doing a couple of laps around your house, or taking a walk around the block
  • Make the most of running errands. When you drive to the store, park as far away from the entrance as you can. Even better, try walking to the store. Once you get to the store and have loaded up your cart, take an extra “lap” around the grocery store.
  • Turn on music and dance around your living room.

Remember the idea is to get your moving and get your heart pumping.

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