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Micah Stampley is excited about creating music that is the soundtrack for this generation of worshipers. “One Voice” is Micah’s fifth CD, and a joint project of his independent label, Interface Entertainment, and Mathew Knowles’ Music World Gospel.

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Musically, Micah has incorporated a variety of influences and the songs are a vibrant tapestry full of bold textures and resonant hues. He’s never afraid to try something different with a melody and always finds inventive ways to frame his meaty lyrics.

Here is what he had to tell me.

E8:What’s  new with you and your career?

Micah Stampley: “It;s been a busy time. I just moved to Atlanta and i have “One Voice” project so that I have been really really busy.”

E8: What was the method you used for this on this project? Was it a long writing process?

MS: It was interesting because  we did it all in 3-4 days of work.  We had the musicians come in first in the morning . The vocalists came in after 1pm after the music was laid down. It just felt like it was all together and flowed.

E8: Were you inspired by something?  Did something drive you to the “One place” as you say?

MS: For the past 4 years  we have been in multi cultural places. I have been all over. Every church, seen every ethnic background. It just showed me the beauty of the God we worship. It showed me beauty alive in people and true prayer. It nade me say “this must be what heaven looks like” God has allowed us to have  so ma y experiences  and you get to see them all on this album.

E8: You sound inspired and driven by it. What was the one train of thought

MS: God is universal. We love the same God. That was the inspiration for One Voice.

Micah is a home schooling parent with his beautiful wife in Atlanta. He is grounded in the faith and is definitely a man of witness.

Here is your first exclusive look at Micah’s new project:

Music is the universal language and on “One Voice”, he issues an invitation to sing along. It’s an offer that’s too good to miss.

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