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New Book, “First Lady” tells every lurid detail that Centrino first alluded to in his earth shattering interview Eddie Long’s Fifth Accuser Centrino Talks About Rape & Abuse [AUDIO].

The quiet has been shattered once again with a book hitting the presses with resounding sound of Eddie Long’s crimes. This is now more than just speculation about someone’s closet. It is the complete emptying of it.

The book describes the alleged behaviors of Long that eventually led to the sex scandal that rocked the southern church and gospel community. “The First Lady,” chronicles the incidents that came out of the control and power that this Bishop had over a young boy and how the abuse of that power formed this young mans life. It goes on to talk about the scars that the accuser will carry with him for the rest of his life after trusting a man who allegedly did these things to him under the pretense of God’s work.

Four men originally filed civil lawsuits against this church leader and Kemp joined the men later on, during the settlement talks. It is not clear if he ever filed a suit against Long himself. He was however reported to be in on the settlement agreement. This was because Long had opted to settle the cases out of court by the time Kemp arrived to the proceedings. Kemp’s testimony was instrumental in the settlement cases.

Writer T. Benson Glover, an “Essence” Best Selling Author of the novel “Sister,” is co-author of the book with this young man. “I thought it was an important story that needed to be shared but also told in the proper way. I felt Centino was a very sincere, and brave young man to be able to work through his pain to find peace with God and continue to strive to make it to a better place in his heart and his mind,” Glover said. They are also working on turning this book into a movie.

Bishop Long decided to settle out of court and by doing so; any further details of the case were not available to the public. If he had gone for a trial, the graphic details of this case would have been public knowledge. The original court documents that were filed by these four young men are available and some were posted online. They told the stories of their trusted spiritual leader lavishing these young men with gifts of money, jewelry, cars, trips and even college tuition. They also told the story of what these young men allegedly needed to do to get these gifts, which included losing their innocence.

This is not the first time that a book reported on this Bishop’s alleged sexual behaviors with young boys. “Snakes in the Pulpit,” a book by Reuben Armstrong, was released four years before the young men filed this lawsuit against this church leader. Armstrong, a controversial talk show host, describes the power that the men who run these mega churches have over their followers and basically tells the story of the sexual abuse of young men that went on in Long’s church.

When this Bishop settled these lawsuits out of court, he might have thought it would soon just fade away, considering the young men were at risk of losing the money that they were awarded in the settlement if they talked about the case. It appears that Kemp is willing to take this risk.

Could this be why the statement was removed? Who should be in the movie? Tell us what you think.

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