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A Pastor’s ex- wife explains that black women are being caged and subjected to less than attractive womanhood  by following edict that takes away their beauty and sensuality. She even speaks on the weaknesses of a Zachery Tims as a man.

New Book Tells Black Women:“Don’t Marry Down. Marry Out.”

Bossip posted her video below about why Black women are single and she responded accordingly as follows: “So true. I believe most black women are single ( MOST NOT ALL) because they are over weight. No one cares how sweet and educated you are. Even if you decided to date outside of your race… Fact is that most men are not attracted to an over weight chick. Being over weight is not healthy or attractive.”

In her description on her You Tube channel she says the following:

“After 25yrs of marriage with a silent voice, I woke up!! I’AM AN ADVOCATE FOR WOMEN AND CHILDREN…. I WAS RAISED UP COGIC…AND I AM SHARING MY STORY IN FOUR PARTS  MY CHILDHOOD MY MARRIAGE PASTORING A SMALL CHURCH MY LIFE TODAY. I’ve experienced so much pain in the church that it is a wonder i came out with a right relationship with God.  I’AM A SURVIVOR I want the world to realize that there is life beyond where u are at right now!!!”

Here she explains how Black women forsake looking attractive for the love of God:

Here she gets real about Zachery Tim’s Marriage and the surrounding controversy here:

Pt 1

Pt 2

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