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A few days go,  we posted  the statement that Bishop Eddie Long posted in response to victims  Jamal Parrish and Spenser LeGrande  breaking their silence and speaking out about the abuse. Even Centrino Kemp called him out on twitter this week. He was upset by the Bishop ignoring what he did.

Bishop Long appears to be ignoring the elephant in the room.

If you check the New Birth website,  the statement issued as a response, has vanished.

Long’s statement came a day after two of the accusers, who withdrew their lawsuits in May as part of a settlement deal, told Atlanta’s SWB-TV that they were writing a book to express what they had been through and to warn others. Eddie Long has denied the allegation that he coerced the four into sexual acts by offering cash, cars, lodging and lavish trips, but he went for out-of-court settlement on May 27 to get the lawsuits filed in September 2010 dismissed.

Long is a “flashy figure” in Lithonia, the Atlanta suburb where he lives and built his church. “He is often seen in a Bentley attended by bodyguards. He wears clothes that show off his muscular physique. He favors Gucci sunglasses, gold necklaces, diamond bracelets and Rolex watches. He lives in a 5,000-square-foot, five-bedroom house that he bought for $1.1 million in 2005.” In his sermons, he often tells his congregation that God wants them to be wealthy and asserts that Jesus was not a poor man, the newspaper added. The mega-church claims to have 25,000 members.

Long’s Emmy-Award-winning broadcast, “Taking Authority,” which airs on the Trinity Broadcast Network, reaches 172 countries and more than 270 million people.

There are questions now s to why the statement was removed. What does this mean? Did your statement have the opposite affect that you wanted Bishop? Why does this man refuse to publicly own up to his behavior? Does he really think that he is without reproach? In most denominations you would be defrocked , and  in the Catholic church  you are “laicized”, which mean you are removed. What’s next?