Hot  & cold stone massages can help you discover a new relaxation technique for longer benefits.

The use of hot stones has  been recorded in history from a long time ago. By looking at ancient cultures and civilizations we can see that as humans we have used hot stones for eons. For heating our homes to sacred rituals. Ancient cultures searched for stones to build temples and pyramids. We can see these mysterious structures from Egypt to South America, from Easter Island to our own Native Americans.

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Our Native Americans from ancient times have used hot stones as part of a hot stone massage treatment in their sweat lodge ceremonies. In the sweat lodge ceremony, the use of the four elements fire, water, air and earth in the heating preparation of the stones for the ritual is a very important part of it. From time to time grandmother Barrett Eagle Bear would pass a perfectly round hot stone around the circle for us to rub anywhere we would have pain or discomfort. offers a great starter kit called: Hot & Cold Stone Massage Book & Kit with CD. It is a step by step  by step guide to how to use the technique.

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