The show’s opening act was James Fortune & Fiya assuring that “It’s already done.”

The last two to sing this next week for the public’s choice are: Amber Bullock and Andrea Helms. Both women have presented poise and talent.

Amber Bullock her calling To be A Proud Mother

Song # 1 “Thank You”

  • Donnie McClurkin: Less is more.
  • Erica Campbell: You did a lot.
  • Tina Campbell: It was a bit much.

Song # 2  “For Every Mountain”

  • Donnie McClurkin: It is absolutely where you belong.
  • Erica Campbell: You did your best and gave your best.
  • Tina Campbell: You meant it.

Andrea Helms Her calling: To Rncourage Women.

Song # 1 “Change”

  • Donnie McClurkin: It was brilliant and bright
  • Erica Campbell: You honestly thank people.
  • Tina Campbell: I enjoy the God in you.

Song # 2 “I Hasten To His Throne”

  • Donnie McClurkin: That you want to bless them with your love of God.
  • Erica Campbell: It was brilliant and bright
  • Tina Campbell: Your instrument is incredible.

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