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Eddie Long’s two other accusers come forward to talk about what happened to them and tell why they are speaking up now. Last week Centrino came forward to talk about the abuse at Long’s hands.

Now, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande talked to local  CBS TV to say they  knew they were risking the money they received by sitting down with Channel 2’s Jodie Fleischer.

The young men told Fleischer this was never about money, it was always about the truth, and they feel like their whole story still hasn’t been told.

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“I thought I could cover the pain up. I thought I could move, start over and everything will go away. I was terribly wrong,” Parris said.Parris, 24, still bears the scars of abuse he says he suffered at the hands of Long. He is angry and emotional and wants Long to know what he’s done to him.”Before I used to look at you like you were the man. You ran everything, but now I got a voice. Like you got a voice,” Parris said.

LeGrande wanted to follow his spiritual father’s path and become a preacher. His strong faith in God has given him a sense of calm now. He said candidly.

“I was fatherless, and to have a man love me just for who I was, I didn’t have to change myself, I just had to be me, I just had to love him back. The hardest part for me is watching somebody who you love destroy himself,

The two men said Long manipulated their desperate need for a father into unwanted sexual contact that destroyed the boys they used to be.

Is there a lot out there that people still don’t know?” Fleischer asked.

Absolutely,” said LeGrande. Parris added, You ain’t ready for the secrets. I don’t care if this book sells one copy. But if it’s just for me, this is what my life looked like, this is my voice for the first time.”

They want to help others still going through it. And they said writing a book will help them express what they’ve been through, and help others recognize the warning signs.“Ten years of details, each person, it’s gonna be a book full of ‘wow’s’ and ‘ahh’s’ and ‘Oh my God’s.'”

LeGrande said.Parris said he’s considered suicide. “I would love to pull a trigger. I would love to take pills and go to sleep, and not have to worry about anything. But I can’t, I have a kid on the way. So I have to fight every day to make sure I leave a better name for my son than I do for me.”

LeGrande also has a little boy and both men said they want to be better fathers than they had.”We’re trying to help, not just spread the word about a person, we’re trying to break people loose about their fear of coming out and speaking,” LeGrande said. He said it’s not just teens who are around Long now, but adults who’ve kept his secrets for years.”Once you have that much money to pay people and your money’s involved in their lifestyle, you have people that’s gonna support you no matter if you had a videotape showing it,” LeGrande said.

On Thursday the CBS news team will air the second part of this explosive interview. You can watch  part 1 of this sad story here

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One of the young men, who accused Bishop Eddie Long of sexual abuse will serve a year of probation on a drug charge,Jamal Parris pleaded guilty to possession with intent to distribute marijuana in a Miami courtroom Tuesday morning.He told Channel 2 Action News investigative reporter Jodie Fleischer that he was never a drug dealer, that he wasn’t trying to look like a drug dealer and that the whole arrest is a product of what he went through with Bishop Eddie Long.”I read so many comments after I got arrested, but nobody ever took the time to look and say say, ‘Yo, what the hell did he do?'” said

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