One of the biggest hurdles Moms face when starting any home business is how to manage the home, the kids, and a job, all in the same place!

First things first, if you are going to start any home business, you need to regard yourself as a business woman. If you don’t, I promise you no one else will! I know a lot of work at home sites talk about the perks of working at home including the ability to work in your pj’s, but I highly suggest you make sure you dress for work every morning. This doesn’t mean you need to have your suit and heels on, just something casual. If you feel like if a client came to the door you would be appropriately dressed, then you will feel like you are at work!

Make sure you explain to your family that you have started a business, and don’t sell yourself short. Act like a business woman, think like a business woman, and people will treat you like a business woman. One of the major problems moms who work at home have is that they treat their business like a hobby. Take your business serious and everyone else will do the same!

Use your Organizer to create a schedule for the week, don’t forget to leave time for yourself, and to spend with the family! After all, what good will your business success be if you feel like you’ve neglected the most important thing in your life!

Finally, realize that it is NOT going to run perfectly. Ever. If you can accept that now, than you will realize that placing unrealistic expectations on yourself will just cause you stress and anxiety, and that is not what success is all about. It’s about balance. And every once in awhile, no matter how much is on your day planner, pack those kids in the car with some peanut butter sandwiches, head for the nearest park, and spend your day pushing the little ones in the swings and tossing a ball around. After all, that’s why God made Moms.

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