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Sadly, summer is coming to an end and Fall semester is right around the bend. Relaxing afternoons spent wallowing in the pool will soon be replaced by long nights soaking up knowledge in the library.

This drastic change happens quickly, and if  you don’t take a few days to let your body and mind adjust, you will find yourself stuck at the starting line when the school year has already taken off.

Here are 5 tips to help get you back into school mode.

1. Start a Routine

When you start doing a few things on a daily basis, they soon become second nature. To prepare yourself for school, it wouldn’t hurt to get yourself in the habit of doing the things that you would normally do on school days. This might include things like waking up at a decent time, showering, eating breakfast, etc. The whole idea behind this concept is to get yourself back into the habit of doing things in a particular way. (Sidenote: I personally have been hating routines lately and have been trying to mix things up a lot lately. So, do what works best for you).

2. Wake Up Early

If you have been sleeping until noon all summer and have an 8 am class scheduled for the fall, you’re going to have a hard time waking up on time unless you start preparing now. This is why it is very important to start gradually waking up earlier and earlier everyday. By doing this, you will avoid shocking your system on those first few days of class. This will also prevent you from being groggy and falling asleep during you first 8 am class.

3. Do a Little Scheduling

It’s inevitable, when school is in session we are stuck to a pretty tight schedule. This is a sharp contrast to the bountiful free time and laid back atmosphere that dominates  summer break. To get yourself prepared for the demanding schedule of an 18 hour semester you should start to structure your day a little. Scheduling something like 2 hours a day to work on a personal project for example, will help you get used to having a schedule again.

4. Have Some Quiet Time

There is nothing better than taking some time out of your day to be alone with your mind. Whether you take 10 minutes out of your day or three hours, this much needed time alone will help your mind become more focused. We are constantly filling our brains with noise, so giving it a little break each day can work wonders. This is a great time to get your thoughts organized and figure out what else needs to be done in preparation for school.

5. Get Organized

There is no worse way to start the school year than having both your supplies and mind in a jumble. Dedicate some time to organize both your thoughts and your gear for school.

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