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Monday night during a heart rending performance as the emcee and warm up for Dr. Dorinda Clark -Cole, Anware Robinson thanked God for helping and shielding his life from certain death.

He said that, “Years and years of hope, prayer helped me through that night as we were accosted. I won’t forget. I am and have been saved. It is proof that no matter what creed, race, religion God is accessible. God is there.”

He said that while driving home with his friend Joshua three young men attempted to rob him. In fear for his life he drove off. The three assailants pursued him with guns raised and pointed at the car. He alluded certain death by slamming on his breaks as the thieves sped off into the night. Though he did not tell what night it happened it appears to have happened recently as he said that he was “thankful to be with us this evening”.

A total of 10 shots were fired at him, some shattering the driver’s side window glass. He thanked his friend Josh from the stage for being trusting of his driving decisions. He wanted to make sure that all of us know knew that he owes his existence to God.

In August 2004, Robinson successfully auditioned for season four of Idol in Washington, DC. He proceeded to the Top 12, but was voted off during 1970s dance music week on April 20, 2005, after his performance of Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”. He went on to tour with the Top 10 contestants of season four and sang for over 500,000 people in over 40 cities in the United States and Canada. He also participated in “Idols In Concert” at the newly built Rrazz Room at San Francisco’s Hotel Nikko.

Here is Anwar In Action: