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The number in the headline of 65,539,264 is the number estimated of people missing from our society. They are what is now called “invisible infants.”

What are Invisible Infants? The Invisible Infants are the children who would have been born, had not Roe v. Wade legalized abortion. These are the children America could have had, the oldest of whom would now be 38 years old, and the parents of 360,000 children of their own.

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What is the moral and pragmatic cost of abortion and 65,539,264 Missing People?

We knew it had to be more than just the numbers (which are not even accurate due to minimal reporting). So we setup a spreadsheet and tried to get some idea of the total economic impact of abortion.

This is the source of our housing crisis (we’ve killed all the buyers). It’s the source of economic slowdown (we’ve killed all the innovators and workers). It cascades out for years.

Whether you are pro-life, pro-abortion, or on the fence, you should look at these figures. Visit the site today. www.invisibleinfants.org

Of course, the pragmatic argument gets one’s attention. But it does not replace the real issue: Somehow we have chosen to accept the outright killing of human beings. If we tried to do this to a dog or horse or a cat, or attempted suicide, or cut off our limbs, we’d be arrested. Yet every day, every 24 seconds, a defenseless human is cut up, salted out, has its brains sucked out and more.

Why? Because we’ve been convinced the infant in the mother’s womb is not a real person or we just don’t care that they are. Frankly, it is almost beyond comprehension. We have systematically removed more than 60 million individuals from our country. People who never had a chance to grow, innovate, produce, provide, buy, sell, love, grow.

Every year at our local fair we show the box of infants at various stages of growth (7 weeks through 30 weeks). The models feel like real babies, same weight and size. Every person who looks at them (regardless of their position) will say, “See. That’s how big you were in mommy’s belly…” You see, they have no trouble seeing their children as fully human during pregnancy. So what is the difference? What is the difference? You tell me.

Whether you are pro-life, pro-abortion, or on the fence, you should look at these figures. Visit the site today: www.invisibleinfants.org

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