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Have you ever had one of those moments when you are lying in bed, thinking about your day, and you end up going into a trance rehashing old conversations? Maybe early on in a particular day, you had an important moment with your best friend where you were reflecting on a past occurrence that affected each of you differently. In a later sequence, perhaps you’re thinking about a chat you had with a former co-worker and realized that your lives ended up completely different after that particular summer.

In comparison, both instances were significant in some way, as each individual had a part to play in the formation of the memory. Conversations can be defining moments in relationships, as they have the ability to embody all of components of a thriving entity: the words, the actions, and the energy. You can definitely tell from someone’s body language, eye contact, and vocal intonations how they are feeling and vice versa. There is so much that happens to us on a day-to-day basis that it’s important to reexamine events later after some time has passed. Reflection has the ability to stop us in our tracks and make us look at our life with a mirror we might not otherwise possess. In order to truly notice what you miss in the present moment, you have to be aware of how you examine situations in your head and correctly identify those features in every day life.

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Where do you reflect on moments the best? Perhaps you are sitting on the train or a bus and are looking out the window into the street, examining all of the leaves on the trees through your meditative lens. A mindless environment like public transportation is one of the best places for you to be free to pick at your thoughts and completely immerse yourself in your own mind. These quiet moments are important in life because when you are able to slow down and actually think about the surrounding world, it becomes easier to clear out your head and prepare for new revelations. Examining the moments that you might otherwise shrug off is a good lesson in self-exploration and you may just discover the roots of a problem if you look closely enough!

I’ve found reflection particularly important in my every day life, as once in a while, the world seems to be going as fast as waves in an ocean and you have to furiously swim to keep up. Moments of clarity often occur when there is time to just count you own breaths and lift your eyes toward the sky, aware that others also understand how you feel. It’s often empathy from the world that keeps you going when reflection is just not possible. When you are able to surmise that “you are not the only one,” it definitely makes life easier to take on, since you feel a part of a comradeship rather than just floating in the ocean alone.

One of the best ways to make time for thought is to set aside a certain block of time, whether it’s before going to bed or during a lunch break, to just sit with yourself and think about the events of the day. Never underestimate the power of your own mind, as you can have a genuine understanding of a problem, yet not even realize it! Perhaps you just have to tap into yourself to find the power that you are missing. What personally grounds me is picking up the yin-yang necklace that I wear around my neck on a regular basis and focusing on the balanced element of the symbol. Reflection is all about keeping yourself grounded in your personal beliefs, so go out there and think about the moments that inspire you!

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