How To Make A Small Bedroom Larger

No matter the size, a bedroom is a sanctuary.

It is a place to escape the stresses of everyday life, and besides being a place of privacy, it is a haven for relaxation. A small bedroom can be just as comfortable as a larger bedroom – if it is not overloaded with furnishings and other belongings. Furniture placement, wall color, and wall decor can add architectural interest while making the bedroom appear larger, and it will make a difference in the overall look.

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The first step when doing any type of redecorating, especially in a small bedroom, is to clear away the clutter. Find a way to organize wayward papers, clothing, and other belongings, and re-purpose or recycle items no longer wanted or needed.

Choosing the right wall colors is more important than many people realize, especially when decorating a small bedroom and trying to make it appear larger. Selecting ideal wall colors involves more than simply choosing favorite hues or matching bedding and drapery.

One of the best room ideas for small bedrooms is with large-scaled accessories including bedside lamps in bolder, brighter colors. Select a color to accessorize the bedroom, and have fun with it. Choose bedside lamps with stylish shades and side tables that match or compliment the bed frame and other room furnishings.

One of the best ways to make a space appear larger is with wall mirrors. Consider placing a wall mirror on a wall directly opposite a window. It will make the room brighter and lighter, and as a result it will help make the room appear larger.

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