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“Men, what will you do with this life” is the question that Reach Life ministries is using to challenge the lives of its audience, with the emergence of their Man Up Campaign.

The campaign is focused on addressing the issue of manhood in hip-hop culture because they feel “its evident that men don’t know what it means to be a man” said Christian rapper KB, a spokesperson for Reach Life ministries.

Reach Life ministries is a non profit of Reach Records, which houses co-founder and famed Christian rapper LeCrae. Gaining a platform because of the label’s success, the organization has purposed to “help bridge the gap between biblical truth and the urban context” and one of the ways they have set out to accomplish this is through their soon coming movie Man Up.

The film stars, new comer and main character Anthony Moone and presents six different areas of manhood that the creators feel young men often fail to live up to. The six depictions of manhood are aimed at making young men of the urban culture question their standards and beliefs of what authentic manhood means.

The movie also features six reflection segments on manhood that features Reach Records label mates Tedashii and Trip Lee among others.

Man Up is “calling men in the hip-hop culture to true biblical manhood through repentance and faith in Christ” says an official statement released about the movie.

Along with the movie portion of the campaign, a curriculum, soundtrack, panel discussion, and concert series will also be released in hopes of promoting further conversation and discussion on the subject.   The film will first be released in six cities in accordance with the concert series.

Last week we posted  video by LeCrae that hits this topic hard. If you have not had a chance to view it you can watch it here.

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