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How do you know if you’re on the rebound?

Coming out of a relationship is often a difficult time. And since misery loves company, you may be tempted to try to forget about your heartache by jumping head-first into another relationship. Using other people as heartbreak menders can quickly turn into a pattern.

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There’s no harm in rebound relationships if you take them for what they are – temporary and not particularly meaningful. They can, however, remind you that you are still desirable and quite a catch. Sometimes you may find yourself single for a year or longer. It’s not abnormal and you can use this time to get back in touch with yourself. Don’t worry if all of your dates fail to measure up to the one that got away.

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You can avoid the pain of a rebound relationship by following one simple rule: stay away from new relationships until you know you are good and ready. How long will it take? Only you can answer that question because each woman has her own timeframe for healing from heartbreak. When you’re on the rebound, you’re vulnerable and may put yourself in situations or relationships that you normally wouldn’t be caught dead in. It’s safer to clear your plate of all liaisons for a while and concentrate on yourself.

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