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Stir fry vegetables are the perfect summer meal for a busy adult, who wants a quick meal at the end of a hectic day.

Cooking temperatures are important when stir frying. You will want your wok on medium high heat.

The idea is to have enough heat to seal in the juices and cook the vegetables before they become soft. Experience will make this technique a simple and fast way to create a tasty dish.

Here are your ingredients:

1 bag snow peas,

1 bag broccoli,

1 bag carrots,

1 whole red onions

1 red bell peppers

Once your wok is hot add about 3 tablespoons of cooking oil. By drizzling the oil around the edge of the wok  and allowing it to coat the wok is the fastest way to prepare your pan and heat the oil. You can add dried hot chilis to the oil to add extra bite to the dish. Ginger and garlic can also be used to flavor the dish. You will have to keep a close eye on garlic so it does not burn and become bitter.

Stir frying is done quickly. Make sure you have all your ingredients prepared before heating your wok.

Cutting ingredients similar sizes will aid in even cooking. Bite sized pieces are a good thing.

Denser vegetables, such as carrots or broccoli, should be stir fried longer so they should be placed in the wok first. Make sure your washed vegetables are dry before placing in hot wok. This will decrease splatter.

Do not crowd your wok. This will lower the temperature and could lead to soggy stir fry.

When stir frying vegetables, keep them moving.

Vegetables usually only take about 3 minutes in a hot wok. They should still be fairly crisp but hot.

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