Bishop Eddie Long’s New Co-Pastor Stephen Davis Calls Long An Angel During Sermon

Bishop Long & wife conveniently absent from church on the first Sunday after MyFoxAtlanta reveals name Centino Kemp, an openly gay man, who is the fifth accuser against Bishop Long in the gay sexual coercion scandal.  In his place this Sunday was Pastor Stephen Davis who not only calls him an angel but admits that the lawyers who are setting up the new church are looking at his crooked. Imagine that!

What Happens When Good Boys Go Bad? [GALLERY]

The broadcast was conveniently cut at a point when the Bishop Long usually comes to the stage. It resumed with a prayer for the family and that they are on vacation. The woman who prayed called for healing on their family, particularly for them as a couple, and God’s grace as Taylor Long goes off to college. It’s ironic that they should mention the daughter.

Seems to me there is a lot going on in the Long household, particularly with the revelation of a fifth accuser — Centino Kemp — an openly gay man, who was part of the gay coercion settlement, even though he did not file a lawsuit. It’s convenient Long and his family are on vacation. He can’t quite show his face, can he? Back to my opening comment about the transmission being conveniently cut in midstream: I am of the opinion this was a deliberate move because something may have been said that they didn’t want the whole world to hear.

The moderator says that the preacher for today stuck by Bishop Long as others were running away. Gee, I wonder why? Pastor Stephen Davis, senior pastor of New Birth Birmingham, will deliver the message today. Ezra 3:12Many of the priests & Levites old men who had seen the first temple…. The people shouted with a loud shout and the sound was heard a far off. Haggai 2:6Once more it is a little I will shake heaven & earth, the sea & dry land. I will fill this temple with glory. The glory of this latter temple shall be greater than the former. In this place I will give peace. He prayed that there is pressure in the church, but it will make it great.

Davis said there is a new restoration coming for New Birth. God has not withdrawn his glory from the church. Another veiled confirmation that all is not well at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and Bishop Long and his wife. He said the glory doesn’t explain the hell they have been church.

Read the rest of the live blog here.

This is starting to get ridiculous.

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