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Decorating an apartment is something that can be done on a small budget. Renting  does not mean drab decorating choices.

Here are 5 great ways to spruce up your rental without breaking the bank.

1- Area Rugs- Area rugs are great for covering up ugly carpet or stained flooring. Many stores such as Wal-Mart and Target have area rugs for great prices, and if you have a membership to the local wholesale club, you might find even better deals.

2- FurnitureYou can purchase slipcovers from your favorite retailer, or even make them from old bedsheets. Simply tuck a sheet into the cushions and fasten at the arms and corners with a decorative pin. For tables, shelves, and other solid furniture, a coat of paint can do wonders.

3- Curtains -Blinds are nice, but they’re not exactly stylish. Look around thrift shops and clearance sales to get nice curtains at good prices. Or if you have access to a sewing machine and minimal sewing skills, you can make your own. Again, bedsheets are great to use for inexpensive fabric.

4- Lighting- Lamps are an easy way to bring light into a room. Floor lamps will be better for lighting the whole room, where table lamps will illuminate a smaller area

5- Creative Storage-Find some decorative wall shelves to line up favorite books, movies, or CDs. Cube-shaped shelves are popular these days for storing small items.

What are some of your decorating tips?

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