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I recently started this interesting book that I found at a used book sale a few months ago while overseas entitled There Are No Accidents: Synchronocity and the Stories of Our Lives by Robert H. Hopcke. After reading the first few pages, I was already sucked into the idea that life is like a story constantly being created by the universe, but it’s only when moments crop up that seem unreal or eerily coincidental when we notice what’s occurring. Usually, as humans, we just go through life thinking our choices are only affected by how much effort we put into them. While a few coincidental moments might crop up here and there, it’s not unusual to try and rationalize the moments that just seem too good to be true. While I’m currently only partway through the book, I have already started opening up to the idea that there are some events that shouldn’t go unnoticed for their emotional and life-changing value. Even small events have their aesthetic purpose that should not be underestimated or overlooked. It is usually the moments that never leave our minds after they happened or are cataloged into our mind as a “turning point” that fall into the category of “synchronocity” that Hopcke is talking about.

Looking back on my life thus far, the moments that stand out the most happened when I was least expecting them to. These were far-away wishes or surprises that I filed away as coincidences, but since they emotionally meant something to me, it felt like they were almost “fated.” Hopcke makes a differentiation between normal coincidences that you brush aside, for example, running into an acquaintance in a random location, and a more striking coincidence, like running into your ex a year after you broke up. When there are memories involved, there is more of an emotional attachment that prevents you from separating yourself from the moment. There is a difference between normal coincidences and ones with emotional leverage that can change your life forever by sending you on a different path. The fact that your life is a story being told from many different angles is only apparent when something nearly supernatural happens, causing you to question who is truly running your life: you, the universe, or a combination of both.

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A personal example of one of these “synchronistic” coincidences happened when I met one of my closest friends a few years back. We lived in the same floor of an apartment complex and would pass each other all of the time, yet for almost a year, we never said a word to each other. As fate would have it, I walked into a workshop at a local university the following year and found her sitting by herself in the back of the room. Since this incidence of her being there seemed important in some way, I made a concerted effort to sit next to her and start up a conversation. After the class was over that day, I knew that I had made a really close friend, and to this day, we still talk about how this could have occurred much earlier. That classroom moment would not have meant as much if I hadn’t seen her roaming around the apartment building and made a mental note of her presence prior to actually meeting her. It’s always the times when we unconsciously are drawn toward something that have the ability to create blip in one’s life story and have the potential to change your path. While these moments don’t happen often, they almost always make an impact on what is occurring in your mind and life at the time. Even if you make plans for what you want your life to be like, there are always events that can happen to mix up your existence that can sneak up on you when you least expect it!

Coincidences are not all clean-cut and simple, especially since they can fall under the moniker of “unpredictable” and “miracle” at the same time. When coincidences are merely “unpredictable,” they are moments in your life story that you take note of and make your day more interesting. However, when a particular moment feels like a “miracle,” the emotional memories that you harbor about someone or something come to the surface as a tangible entity in the outside world that corresponds to your dreams. These “synchronicities” are situations that create a detour in your normal routine and you come out of them thinking differently, your life suddenly different. Moments that we consider “accidents,” therefore, are actually more important than originally thought and should be considered more carefully when looking back on one’s life. Storytelling might be stereotyped as neatly packaged, “perfect” scenes in movies, but sometimes, these action sequences actually play out the way you dreamed. Never underestimate the power of a good story, as oftentimes, things do work out how they’re supposed to in the end. If you keep your imagination alive, you might witness something unbelievable!

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