Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn is sweeping the nation. If you have no idea what I am talking about I will give you a cliff note version. Girl meets boy.Boy becomes obsessed with girl. Girl returns the favor. Boy turns out to be a vampire. Girl doesn’t mind as long as she can be with boy every moment of her life.

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In Stephanie Meyer’s fast-paced Twilight series, obsessive love is the name of the game. The main character, Isabella “Bella” Swan, has never dated before she encounters the perfect-in-every-way Edward Cullen. What ensues is a highly charged romance that is sure to suck in every female heart longing for a little excitement and (apparently) clean fantasy.

I first got interested in this series when my niece  said that she wanted to see the  first movie.  I considered myself the cool aunt, I figured no harm, no foul. Right? It was only then did I get sucked into the world.   When I told people that I was reading the series, I was amazed at the response.  Some people looked at me crazy. Some people questioned my common senses. Most people were enthusiastic. I was able to devour the books in two days. It was only as I read further that I became a ‘Twi-Hard”, or rather a “Twi- Aunt”(this is better fitting than calling myself a Twi-Mom). To say that Twilight is interesting is far too mild—it’s simply addicting. The four books are entertaining. The movies are creative.

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The fact that Edward and Bella do not engage in sexual activity seems to be enough to warrant a stamp of approval from many Christians who defend the series. When Edward and Bella marry in the last book, Breaking Dawn, they are both virgins. This fact is only because of the danger, not because of any understanding that premarital sex is immoral. Some even praise Edward for his considerable restraint in not doing the one thing that is most bodily urgent to him—drinking Bella’s blood. The scent of her body and blood is a perfect match for Edward’s blood lust, and he must vigilantly guard against the monstrous nature that dwells within him. Edward’s defining moment comes at the end of the first book when a bad vampire attacks and bites Bella. To keep the poison from spreading into Bella’s body, Edward must suck Bella’s blood at the site of the wound. He does so only long enough to excise the poison. This event marks a great victory of self-control for Edward, and for some it symbolizes his commitment to chastity.

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The biblical concept of purity is derived from the holy character of God. As a result, God’s standard of purity is often more rigorous than our own, since we tend to define our concept of purity in response to the culture. The challenge of being in the world but not of it is to resist the corruption of our concepts by keeping them grounded in the immutable character of God.

Some Christian associates of mine have discredited the Twilight Saga because it is about mythical “monsters” that are supposed to be evil, yet these people haven’t read the books.

Both the movie and the books hit on social ills that are rarely discussed. Bella is insecure about marriage because she is the product of  divorce. All her thoughts about marriage are shaped  and misshaped by her bias of her mother. Edward on the the hand wants to do the honorable thing and marry her. Yes, this may seem to be something from a time long ago, but the truth is that this is the greatest pull of the story. The normalcy of it. There is also the theme of infertility and motherhood.  Edward’s sister Rosalie is brutally raped and as a result left to die on a street corner. The rescue for his compassionate father was to turn the poor girl in to vampire. Rosalie’s desire to be a mother shapes her actions towards Bella that would make pro-lifer’s stand up and cheer.

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The crux of the story revolves around loyalty, love and commitment to do better. That is 100% the lesson an Christian can take when watching the movies or reading the books. In the real world it has brought attention to Native Americans. The casting company exclusively hired  certified Native Americans for the roles cast for the Quileute Tribe. The tribe itself has gained a great deal attention and has been able to promote the causes of other Tribes through the success and awareness campaigns.

I’m one who likes to take in all the information and form my own opinions.  Let me know what you think!

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