You could have bought the most expensive shoes in the entire world; however, they will look like the cheapest pair of casual dress shoes on the market if they are all scuffed up. Unfortunately, shoes are pieces of clothing that are nearly expected to get ruined; after all, your entire body weight is being applied to them, and they are touching a bunch of rough ground surfaces every single time that you take a step forward.

First step- Clean the surface area. The easiest way to clean the surface area of your dress shoes is to simply take a damp cloth (damp from lukewarm water), and gently rub the scuffed areas with that cloth. You should be applying enough pressure to remove the dirt, but not enough pressure to make the scuff marks worse than they already are.

Second Step- Apply a small amount of polish. You can pretty much use anything to apply the shoe polish during this step of removing scuff marks from your casual dress shoes.

Third Step-Brush your shoe.  This is a crucial step in learning how to remove scuff marks from your casual pair of dress shoes; moreover, it will take some practice in order to get it right.

What’s your tip on removing scuffs?  Post them in the comments below.

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