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Overeating is not the product of loving to eat only. After watching the extreme weight shows and listening to talks shows it has become evident tht the obesity problem is much more complicated.

Food gives us energy and we eat to stay energized during the day. We get used to gather around the dinner table to celebrate special events and communicate with our friends and relatives. So, it is no wonder that emotions and food are so interrelated. Unhappily some people feel that they want eating even after they are really full. It is being done to calm down inconsistent emotions or to feel an emotional emptiness.

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The National Institute of Health evaluates 3% of Americans have compulsive overeating problems, it is also called as Binge Eating Disorder. This can make you obese. Emotional eaters eat because of their emotions and not because they are hungry. Some eat when they feel depressed, bored or lonely. Others eat when they are stressed. It happens due to behaviours came from childhood, when food was connected with reward and comfort. Emotional eating has little to do with hunger itself, it is all about unfulfilled needs.

Try to identify your triggers-Every emotional eating case has its own trigger. Recollect those moments when you were emotional eater. Perhaps you were stressed, and this was your reaction or perhaps you were lonely and wanted to console your self with food. It is important because all these situations can lead to emotional eating.

Check your true needs -If you would like to overcome emotional eating, you should recognize and ask for what you really need. Do you need food or you need to feel appreciated? When you fulfilled your true needs, your cravings for food will go away.

Keep a food notebook -A food registrar is a perfect way to see what food you eat. You can also use it to track emotions and feelings that are defined as emotional eating triggers. And after you researched and analysed all the thoughts, now you can take measures to change this situation.

Replace food with other rewards -You should treat yourself with something other, not food. When you feel stressed, you can relax yourself with massage or a luxurious bubble bath. When you managed to shed 10 excess pounds, you can buy yourself new clothes for example.

Talk to people-Many people have problems with emotional eating. You do not need to go through recovery process alone, you should have support. It is helpful when you talk to someone.

If you need help  go to http://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/get-help-today/ or call 1-800-931-2237

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