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One thing I’ve been realizing about life is that if you aren’t passionate about something, it is hard to convey your real identity to anyone. What really makes us “human” is our love of certain ideas, entertainment, and philosophies that transcend the tangible and are close to our heart. In the end, if you cannot pinpoint an activity or idea that you are happiest exploring, then it is hard to truly understand yourself as an individual.

For me, writing and music are my biggest passions and if I did not have them both in my life, I wouldn’t feel as fulfilled or satisfied as a person. Being able to draw from a well of passion while doing these activities, as well as sharing my love with others, is important for being who you are and having a life beyond other people. Since doing what you love and loving what you do are vital parts of life, finding inspiration from passion is a great way to tap into that energy and expressing it to others. What are some ways that channeling your inspiration can be accomplished?

1. Identify what your passions are. What truly gives you a sense of glee and excitement when you take part in it or think about it? Knowing what brings you joy and keeps your interest is important, as it gives you inspiration of what to share with others. When others see how passionate you are about certain ideas, you might find a few who have the same mindset as yourself or have a completely different outlook on life. This could be a fantastic opportunity to debate your ideals with others, which is a great way to open pockets of inspiration and creativity in your life!

2. Figure out what your passions “mean.” What do your interests say about you? Are you into creative pursuits or more scientific ideas? Perhaps you have a varied list of interests that transcend categories or convention. Think about what traits typically are attached to what you typically participate or believe in. The knowledge of these basic characteristics might be vital in helping you see how your passions interact with who you are as a person. If you know yourself inside and out, others will be able to sense your confidence and your inspirational outlook will be contagious!

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3. Attribute your passion to other aspects of your life. If you realize that your inspiration is triggered by passion colliding with every day life, you will be able to see how you are living more clearly. If music, for example, helps you get through more scientific endeavors, perhaps letting inspiration run freely through your life might be a good idea! Make your life an experiment that mixes passion with mundane activities. This way, inspiration will flow because you’re tapping into creativity and adding diversity to your life!

4. View your mind as a box (an open box, that is). If you are able to picture your every day thoughts as ideas that live in your head, but also travel to others via your mouth, then you understand the “mind as an open box” concept. Minds can be viewed as “open” because they are constantly being bombarded with ideas, yet only a few of those thoughts permanently stick in your mind while others are evaluated. By having passions and ideologies that you truly believe in, you are able to gain inspiration from what you see to be true, as well as ones that contradict your morals. Life is full of conflicting ideals and that’s why it’s interesting in the first place. It’s important to keep an open mind in order to experience what true passion and inspiration feel like!

5. Be open to altering your life to fit your passions. If you have a few ideals that have always stuck with you, you should be prepared to make changes that ensure that they are constantly apart of your life! If you are a writer at heart, for example, try to find ways to include writing or word-related activities in your daily routine. Never give up on things that once gave you happiness and continue to fit into your core being! If you continue to keep these important aspects of yourself close, then you can tap into that inspiration and elation anytime you need it.

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I have a friend who gave up dancing after years of dedicating her life to it, simply because she didn’t have time for it anymore. When she told me this, I basically said to her, if the activity once gave you butterflies and made you feel alive, why drop it from your life altogether? If you find ways to include your inner ideals or activities into your life, it is possible to regain your inspiration and creativity through reintroducing passion into your life!

Passion and inspiration are closely related through the general idea of loving life and all of its components. If you are able to figure out what makes you tick and feel alive, you can improve your life immensely and make every day exciting. Be who you are, know what you love, and life will be easier and more fulfilling for you!