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How would you feel if you woke up one Sunday morning and found a church at your child’s school? Better yet, would you enjoy the ability of attending worship at your local school.? These questions might sound odd but, it is taking place.  It may even sound strange, but it has its merits. Low overhead costs and ease of travel. In New York though the portable church is causing people to wonder if it is the right thing.

Every Sunday morning, the elementary school in Queens, like dozens more schools in New York City and thousands more nationwide, is transformed into a house of worship for a few hours. There’s no tally of how many churches, synagogues and mosques convert public school spaces into prayer places for the nominal cost of permits and promises to make no permanent changes in the school setting. What’s clear is that there has been a steady rise in numbers as congregations find schools are available, affordable and accessible to families they want to reach.

Critics, including some courts, are concerned that these arrangements are an unconstitutional entanglement of church and state. They say these bargain permits effectively subsidize religious congregations who would have to pay steeply higher prices on the open market. They also note that the practice appears to favor Christian groups, which worship on Sundays — when school spaces are most often available.

A new company has begun to capitalize on this. It is called Portable Church .com.Portable Church Inc  is dedicated to assisting portable churches.  They do everything from full system design to supplying  equipment.

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