Men who have a low body mass index before undergoing radiation therapy to remove prostate tumors are significantly more likely to experience irregular PSA test readings after treatment than individuals with higher body mass, according to a new study from researchers at the University of Montreal.

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Known as a PSA bounce, some men experience a significant increase in their prostate specific antigen levels, even after being treated. These results do not necessarily indicate that the cancer has returned, but they can be cause for concern and further potentially unnecessary treatment.

After examining the medical records of 68 men who had been treated with prostate brachytherapy, the researchers found that for every one kilogram per meter increase in BMI, men were 15 percent less likely to experience a PSA bounce.

This could have significant implications for the treatment of prostate cancer. The results show that a bounce in PSA test results may be much more relevant to men with higher BMIs, as far more individuals with low body mass experience such an increase, irrespective of whether or not they are actually experiencing a recurrence of prostate cancer.

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