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15 Steps On How To Gain Real Power


There is nothing thought of, created, loved or hated without an emotion involved. The mind needs to think it, the heart to feel it, and the soul to stomach it. It’s what you need to achieve it – power.

Some thoughts on real power…the everlasting kind. Real power is…

When your presence – your actions and words – awakens something inside of people…influences them and transforms their spirit.

Stepping into your name – and surrendering to the Creator’s purpose for your life.

1-Using gifts and resources that are uniquely yours to “Recycle inspiration…because no dream should be thrown away.”

2-Choosing your friends wisely because people’s spirits are transferable. Comparing yourself never to others because you will never win…but to who you were last month or last year. You stand a better chance.

3- Facing your truth about who you are… the good and the crazy side.

4-Taking off a layer of the mask to share your journey with another for the sake of healing…for both if you. We really are all the same inside.

5- Knowing that “all that is required for the triumph of evil is that good men remain silent and do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

6-Believing that “adversity is the breakfast of champions.” You want to learn how to eat this stuff. We learn to get nutrition from each attack or setback.

7-Knowing that you can’t be who you are supposed to be until I become who I am supposed to be.

8-Knowing that you don’t always have the answer.

10-Stepping outside your comfort zone daily and understanding that the butterflies inside mean you are taking your game to the next level. If you don’t get up with them, you are either going through this life being pathetic or you are flat lining.

11- Having the courage to follow your heart…if not, spiritual suicide is death just the same.

12-Knowing that when you go thru the fire, there is joy in the morning when you come out on the other side.

13-Remembering on whose shoulders you stand.

14 Knowing that leadership is a balance of being demanding – and fair, tough yet compassionate.

15-Knowing that you need mercy, because you will fall and require help to get back in the game. You must give it and be willing to receive it.


Putting the oxygen mask over your mouth first. Then, if you have a small child sitting next to you, or someone acting like one, secure his or her mask. Think about it -you really can’t do anything for anyone else unless you are taking care of you first. (Yes, I have to remind myself of this at least 10 times a day).

Knowing if you only live for yourself, it only matters to you when you are gone.

Reaching out and throwing a lifeline when someone crosses your mind. It means they need to hear an encouraging word. Learn to be obedient to spirit.

Being able to ask for help when you are the “strong” one that everyone else always goes to when they need help.

Realizing that He will give you the strength and tools to do whatever extraordinary things you are asked to do.

Giving and receiving touch.

Millions of people are suffering because they cannot do either.

Giving yourself permission to say no.

Persevering, staying in the race and knowing that blessings have a way of disguising themselves.

Releasing past hurts and learning to forgive.


Helping someone else light their candle – don’t worry; your light till not diminish or be extinguished. It just makes the world brighter.

Turning the mess into your message.

Knowing that your life’s work is already written – all you have to do is show up.

Making today an “I apologize” day. You know who you need to celebrate with.


Saying ” thank you” when a true friend tells you about yourself. Even though it may sting, know that you really are blessed to have it like that. Many people don’t.

Seeing that your insecurities and jealousy tell you what you really want in life- and that it’s time to create the plan to become the force you want to be.

In the learning to make new Mistakes.

Knowing that” one of the most deadly sins of all is the mutilation of a child’s spirit, “according to Erik Erickson. And that “If we don’t give our kids time, the system will.” So take one under your wing…you will get the gift.

Being open to discovering your blind spots.

Understanding that it’s not personal.

To be for those who encounter you, a glimpse of the face of God.

Stay strong-and continue to share your light.