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As you become older you start to set things apart on what works and does not work in relationships. The physical attributes should take  a back seat. Personality traits should rise to the front.There are many articles available today about what is the perfect attributes to have in order for a man or a woman to adore you or be attracted to you.

Real Love- Are You Settling?

The following is my list of qualities or attributes that if you or your partner have will guarantee you to have a healthy, balanced relationship as well as being an attractive person both inside and out.

1) BALANCED: Balanced can mean many things, for the purposes of our article, we mean that you or your partner has a good sense of boundaries, that that you and your partner are a whole person and have a healthy lifestyle.

2) CONFIDENT: You or your partner are self-confident and have high self esteem. You are confident that you can handle new things, even if you have never done it before or if you may not get it right the first time around. You or your partner has an internal point of reference; you do not need to have reassurance and compliments from others to be confident. At the same time you are confident enough to accept compliments or criticism, and are not afraid to give compliments to other people.

3) INDEPENDENT You can be a functional person without relying on another person and you are not codependent.

Codependency is a condition that results from dysfunctional patterns based on unhealthy relationships. These dysfunctional patterns are socially learned patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting which result in dependency on other people, places, organizations, things and events to create approval, appreciation, self worth and love to achieve a sense of safety, self esteem, purpose and identity.

5 Tips For A Relationship Tune-Up

Compatibility and knowing what are your wants, needs and requirements are all vital to finding your highest and best relationship. The list above, although depending upon your level of consciousness may seem a little out of reach. What do you think?