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Christian leaders and organizations have come in support of former Cisco vendor Frank Turek who was fired from the company for his personal views on marriage as expressed in a book he wrote.

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In a statement released earlier this week, the Rev. Mark D. Boykin, senior pastor of Church of All Nations, and Anthony Verdugo, founder and chairman of the Christian Family Coalition of Florida, condemned the actions taken by Cisco for firing Turek who wrote a book that said that keeping the current marriage laws would be best for society.

They said they were launching a nationwide campaign to tell Cisco Chairman John Chambers that firing a Christian based on their belief was discriminatory and intolerant.

Dr. Turek had been a consultant with Cisco Systems in California since 2008. In the past three years, Turek had designed and conducted a leadership and teambuilding program for a number of Cisco managers. His training programs have been reported to be “excellent,” according to Greeley Gazette.

Earlier this year, one of the managers in Turek’s session “googled” his name and found out that his trainer is also the author of a book entitled Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone. The manager, a homosexual, took offense at the book that critiqued same-sex marriages and phoned in a complaint to Marilyn Nagel, senior director of inclusion and diversity for Cisco. Turek was fired soon after.

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“The guy who saw the book never read it – he just didn’t like the fact that I was against same-sex marriage,” Turek told OneNewsNow. “And he told the in-charge director there about it and they fired me within hours, without ever even looking at the book or even ever asking me a question. They just fired me without ever talking to me.”

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