Chances are you know a child who can’t swim. That’s a dangerous, potentially deadly situation that has a simple solution. Swim lessons.  Swimming is a great summer activity and a great way to tire your kids out and they will pass out at night for bed

Here are a few reasons why it is important for your kids to learn to swim


It’s is very important to keep your kids safe, and with your kids knowing how to swim, they can be safer. While knowing how to swim, does not make drowning impossible, it makes it less likely from happening. Knowing that your kids can swim, will make you feel better when your kids are swimming in a pool. BUT this does not mean you should ever leave them unattended while they are in a pool. You should always be watching them, if not in the pool with them, especially if there isn’t a lifeguard.


Discipline is a big part of learning to swim too. Kids learn the pool rules, and consequences of breaking them. The rules are enforced by the lifeguard and swim instructors, if kids don’t follow the rules, they could get a time out for a few minutes and sit out of the pool. This also goes along with safety, because discipline will help enforce the rules, which keep the kids and everyone else safe. Also, self-discipline goes along with this too, kids learn to keep trying to improve, especially if there are other kids in the class who are a little more advanced. It will keep the kids going, and make them want to do their best to improve.


Confidence is also a big part of learning how to swim. The more your child learns and the more they are improving, the more confident they will become in the water. And the more confident they become, the more things they will want to try.

Social Skills

Kids also learn social skills in swim lessons. They have the opportunity to interact with other students and the instructor. They learn to take turns, share, and respect each other. They talk to one another and form friendships. They learn the importance of listening and paying attention, along with being polite and having patience.

Physical Activity

Swim lessons will get your kids away from the TV, computer, and video games for a little bit each week. It will get the off the couch for a little bit. It will give them some exercise. With the obesity epidemic, especially in children, it is important to get some exercise to help keep kids healthy (along with a well balanced diet).

There are many reasons why it is important to learn how to swim. These are only just a few So, definitely get your kids out there to learn to swim. And if you don’t know how to swim yourself, it’s never too late to learn now. Just remember safety always comes first

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