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Once in a while, inspiration isn’t possible without the push of wanderlust. Being restless in one’s location and feeling the need to travel is one of those feelings that can be huge catalysts for the formation of ideas and thoughts. Sometimes, the change of place (and of pace!) is needed for the creative juices to flow and for different aspects of your personality to come out, especially in terms of artistic endeavors. However, it can be difficult to know how much time one needs in order to get their ideas out there. How does one keep their inspiration at bay whilst the mind wanders elsewhere? Is it possible to continually move and still have the clarity and vision to create and reflect on your surroundings?

One of the best ways to tame your restless thoughts is to take a break from your current situation. Let yourself feel uninhibited and your thoughts wander from the work day to your after-hours plans. Maybe you can use your need for change constructively and create something tangible from it, whether it be some interesting ideas on paper, a piece of art, or a conversation starter that creates a bond between you and someone else. After all, perhaps all you need to do is get out of your house or office and just simply walk around observing people in order to gain the inspiration that you currently lack. Restless people, like the flow of thoughts, cannot sit still, therefore, changing one’s perception through alternate locations is a fantastic way to overcome the twitching of limbs.

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I recently lived abroad for four months and found that sitting statically for any length of time did not do justice for my creative flow or well-being as a whole. I did the best writing (and had the best inspiration!) during my many travels, whether I was sitting on a bus pulling through a major city or wandering through beautiful scenery and observing the locals. Constantly moving around ensures that you experience change, difference in perspective, and refreshing moments of clarity in constant succession. Being somewhere new and exotic does wonders for one’s creativity, which is definitely telling of human nature. Humans are creatures who continually crave change and a diversity of experiences. This need for variety in life aids in mental growth, the differentiating of oneself from others, and in turn, facilitates the making of a multifaceted identity. Without continual evolution in one’s life, a lack of physical change starts to become a metaphor for a stagnancy in other aspects of existence such as emotional and spiritual fulfillment. In order to balance everything out and keep the pace with your inner desires, make sure to focus on keeping calm and collected throughout the process of change, rather than resisting it.

One of the best ways to use wanderlust to one’s advantage is to channel the inner adventurer through your daily activities. Mix up your routine and continually add special changes to your life. Try a new coffee shop in the morning or take a different route to work, perhaps even checking out some interesting looking side streets. Never give up your inner inspiration, even if you’re not in the creative mood, as you never know when you can use your thoughts as fodder for adding intrigue to your life.

To end, here is a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that recently added inspiration into my life: “My life can be so arranged that I can live on whatever I have. If I cannot live as I have lived in the past, I shall live differently, and living differently does not mean living with less attention to the things that make life gracious and pleasant or with less enjoyment of things of the mind.” Wanderlust is something to embrace and use as inspiration for whatever changes you encounter in your life, as it is the little things in life that evolve overtime that can be the most meaningful. Making small alterations in your lives, girls, and live as if the restlessness pent up in you has the power that makes you unique. The creative energy that you possess in your passion for change is strong and potent, so use it well and keep the inspiration alive!

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