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Former N.Y. Giant David Tyree has been under intense media scrutiny for some gutsy statements he made about gay marriage in an online video produced for the National Organization for Marriage.

Religious Worried About NY Same-Sex Marriage Law Underlying Rules

Tyree says he recorded the video because he opposes the notion of gay marriage and wants to voice his opinion.

In the video, the former Pro Bowler warned that anarchy could result in the U.S. if homosexuals are legally allowed to marry. He also said gay couples can’t successfully raise a child.

Family Research Council Says New Gay Marriage Law Is Moral Failure

“I am not political,” says Tyree, whose famous “helmet catch” was the defining moment of Super Bowl XLII. “I believe there is right and wrong. I think many things are subjective, but truth is not. Marriage [between a man and woman] is the backbone of our society.”