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It is very tempting to use the open spaces and closets as storage spaces for one’s own things. One must keep in mind that the guest bedroom is a room for the guests, not a place for keeping that tread mill or unpacked boxes, even though no guests may be expected for some time. Even if you store some items in the guest room, it is a good idea to leave some empty drawers and closets so that the guests do not feel unwelcome. Once the room is uncluttered it will transform into a warm and inviting room for the guests.

How To Create A Peaceful Home

Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Make decor simple and inviting.
  • Use a soothing color pallet
  • Keep uncluttered

Since guest rooms are used only occasionally, they may feel stale and stuffy. Therefore, the windows must be left open from time to time and the room should be cleaned on a regular basis. scented candles or fresh flowers may also be put in the room to make it more welcoming.

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