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Churches are reaching out to single parents with the innovative curriculum Single & Parenting. The results? Care, outreach and evangelism in the community.

5 Steps To Reclaiming Your Dreams

Churches worldwide are now launching Single & Parenting, the innovative curriculum for ministry to single parents. The all-new 13-week, video-based curriculum is designed to be a lay-led ministry for single parents from all backgrounds, including divorced, widowed and never married.

How You Can Help Someone Today

This excellent outreach tool equips local churches to minister to the exploding single-parent population. According to the U.S. Census Bureau and the Pew Research Center, 26 percent of all children currently live in single-parent homes, and 41 percent of all children born this year will be to single mothers.

“In ever-increasing numbers, single parents are seeking the help of local churches. Single & Parenting equips churches with a powerful strategy for offering hope to these parents and, by extension, their children,” said Steve Grissom, founder of Church Initiative.

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