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As celebrities, government officials and regular Joes and Janes alike celebrate the legalization of gay marriage in New York, Christian family organizations are offering some harsh words for the Republican-dominate New York Senate.

New York Giant David Tyree Leads Protest Against Same Sex Marriage With 63,000 Petitions

As Family Research Council President Tony Perkins sees it, enormous political coercion has resulted in a profound failure of moral courage in the New York Senate.

A clear majority of the people of New York oppose counterfeit ‘marriage,’ he notes, but Gov. Andrew Cuomo and anti-family lawmakers have shown that their allegiance is to a small but vocal minority seeking to redefine marriage and family.

“The so-called religious protections that were tacked on to the bill will ultimately do nothing to protect the religious rights of New York citizens. As we go forward there is little doubt that the ‘incentives,’ some taxpayer funded, used to sway votes, especially Republican ones, will be exposed,” Perkins says.

National Organization For Marriage Responds To Gay Marriage Bill Passage In NY

While it was the Democrats who were pushing this agenda, it is the Republicans in the NY Senate who ultimately allowed this to happen, especially Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, Perkins says.

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