Many of us are old enough to remember the Gwen Gunthrie song “You have to have a J.O.B. If you wanna be with.. Ain’t nothing  Going On But The Rent. Today that adage is proving to be true with the latest poll.

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Three out of four women said they would not wed someone without a job, and 65 per cent would feel uncomfortable tying the knot if they themselves were jobless. But more than 91 per cent of single women said they would marry for love over money.

“It is ironic that women place more weight on love than money, yet won’t marry if they or their potential suitor is unemployed,” said Meghan Casserly, of ForbesWoman which conducted the survey with the website

Even more telling, she said, is that 77 per cent of women surveyed believe they can have it all – a fulfilling relationship and family life, as well as a successful career.

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But 63 per cent of women said they work 40-59 hours, and 62 per cent of women in a relationship said they spend just three waking hours or less with their partner during the work week.

Most women would marry for love over money – unless the man is unemployed, according to a new survey.

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