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As you get older there is a cry from somewhere inside. “Give me peace.” You try to find that  very essence of  solace. You want desperately to create a place  where one can go at the end of the work day and feel at ease.

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There are great steps to creating that peaceful place.Your home is your sanctuary from outside worries and stresses.

Here are things I have used to add peace to my life.

1. Create a happy zone — “Whether it is a whole room, a nook, or just a chair, make one spot in the house your personal place for peace and joy,” Your home should be some place you are happy.

2. Make your bed every dayThere is nothing worse than  coming home to an unmade bed. At the end of the evening sliding onto nice crisp sheets is a treat.

3. Surround yourself with calming colors The first thing I did after my mother became sick was that I changed her bedroom to abright happy color. There are studies that show we are emotionally connected to colors. Blues and soft pastels cause us to relax.Apply them to your bedroom and bathrooms.

4. Keep clutter down. Visual noise is  things in disarray. When you live with disorder your life is disordered. The moment things have a place in your home, you will notice the immediate calming of your body.

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All these things help us center and order things right. It is when we have order in our life that we can begin to free our minds up to pray and focus. The things that provide rest and refreshment in our homes are precious .

Good luck. Tell me what your tips  are. I am anxious to hear them

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