Michael Jackson’s fans will gather across the U.S. over the weekend to celebrate the life of the Pop King.

Devoted King of Pop fans proved they have not forgotten about the entertainer who died on 25 June, 2009. A group of local Cleveland dancers hit the streets to show their love and admiration for the Pop King. Check out this video of the WZAK Flash Mob breaking out in dance at Tower City in Downtown Cleveland.

Remembering Michael Jackson

Also, make sure you listen live all weekend long, as a tribute to MJ, listening to all Michael Jackson music at 93.1 WZAK. We are streaming live at

“The passing of our favorite son, Michael Jackson, is still fresh in our hearts. A year later, on the day before his birthday, we honour his memory as a great and giving person and as the world’s greatest entertainer,” the Daily Express quoted Clay as saying.

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