8 Kitchen Improvements For Renters

If you’re like most of us and you rent your apartment, you know it’s not always practical to splurge on upgrading your rental. When you organize your kitchen, keep in mind that you’re creating an invitation to linger for good food and conversation.

Here are 10 tips that can make a rental kitchen prettier and more fun to cook in from apartmenttherapy.com:

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7 Things To Do Before You Move Out

Add Storage

1. Hang a pot rack or pegboard. Take storage into your own hands. Hanging a pot rack or pegboard is usually well within the scope of renters’ rights, and they can open up much more storage in the kitchen.

2. Hang a shelf or wall storage. Again, like the pot rack, shelves and other wall storage systems are removable and hung easily. You don’t have to do major surgery to your kitchen in order to hang shelves like Dana’s or a storage system like Kyle’s. Get some help, and patch any screw holes when you move out. The work and small expense is worth the extra storage for kitchen tools and accessories. If you paint the shelves you can also have a major color accent in the kitchen.

3. Bring in new furniture. Some kitchens are big enough, but bare. There was very little counter space in my old eat-in kitchen, so I brought in a small kitchen cart for the microwave, cookbooks, and other extras. This kitchen island is inexpensive and useful in an open kitchen. Also consider a tall storage unit like the one in this bright orange kitchen. Also consider more unusual furniture, like a dresser for baking trays and table linens or a card catalog for wine and silverware!

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