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Former New York Giants wide receiver David Tyree also joined the demonstration at the Capitol on Monday and lent his star power to the fight against gay marriage in New York. The Super Bowl XLII football champion helped hand-deliver 63,000 petitions against same-sex marriage to Senate Republicans.

Hundreds of protesters against the legalization of gay marriage in New York jammed the hallways of the Capitol building Monday as Republican senators privately discussed whether to bring the same-sex marriage issue to a floor vote.

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Demonstrators opposing gay marriage, including Christian ministers, African-American church members and Tea Party organizers, outnumbered those in support of the controversial bill, which has 31 votes and needs one more vote to pass the New York Senate. The measure was approved by the New York State Assembly last Wednesday, 80 to 63.

Republicans have been mulling over same-sex marriage bill in private caucus meetings since last week. Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Governor Andrew Cuomo have met with Republicans to lobby for enough votes to pass the bill.

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No compromise was reached Friday and talks continued Monday. The legislature session ends Monday but ongoing negotiations could extend the session and keep legislators in Albany throughout this week. Protesters against same-sex marriage on Monday sang hymns like “Victory is Mine,” chanted “God says no,” and held signs like “Marriage = 1 Man + 1 Woman.” Some clustered in small prayer circles to pray for the rejection of the gay marriage bill in New York.